Quantum Hiking 2022

           Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso, July 5-9, 2022

Program of the Conference
List of suggested gear
Some pictures.
Previous Quantum Hiking (2019)

We believe that beauty leads to inspiration.

After a very successful previous hiking conference, we're again organizing a walking theoretical physics workshop.

Starting from the beautiful (and little known) Champorcher valley, we will cross over into the Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso, aptly named "Big Paradise National Park" (it is big, and it is indeed super gorgeous). We will be discussing physics while walking and while lounging in beautiful and secluded mountain huts.
The local expenses will be covered by the sponsor Algorithmiq.

Expect to WALK (3-5 hours per day with 600-1000m elevation gain). No previous hiking experience is required, but an average level of fitness will be necessary. Also spirit of adaptation is a must: we will be sleeping in shared accommodations in secluded mountain huts (except for a night in the beautiful village of Cogne).

A list of suggested gear can be found here.
Participants must be willing to challenge themselves physically and mentally!

The organizers:
Sabrina Maniscalco,
Lorenzo Maccone, Paola Verrucchi, Paolo Zanardi.