Quantum Hiking Program

Monday 15/7:

9:30 Meet at Rifugio Fondovalle and hike to Rifugio Locatelli.
16:00 Introduction to the quantum hike and presentation of all the participants. Discussion.
20:00 Karol Zyczkowski: "Iso-entangled Mutually Unbiased Bases and mixed states t-designs"
20:30 Francesco Plastina: "Coherence Generation , Irreversible Entropy production and non-Adiabaticity in Quantum Processes"

Tuesday 16/7:

9:30 Hike: tour of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. Discussion and group formation.
* Open quantum systems, non Markovianity and quantum thermodynamics.
* Machine learning.
* Black holes and quantum time.

16:00 Group discussions.
20:00 Caterina Foti: "Science: we have a problem"
20:30 Kasia Macieszczak: "Metastability in open quantum systems"
21:00 Rosa Di Felice: "Application and performance of adiabatic quantum optimization to a simplified computational biology problem"

Wednesday 17/7:

9:30 Hike: transfer to Rifugio Comici and discussions.
14:30 Group discussions.
16:30 Dariusz Chruscinski: "Divisibility and information flow for non-invertible qubit dynamical maps".
17:00 Georgios Styliaris: "Quantifying the incompatibility of quantum measurements relative to a basis".
21:00 Massimo Palma: "Large deviation theory of quantum jump statistics in a chiral waveguide".
21:30 Tony Apollaro: "Quantum tunneling: Applications in Quantum Information".

Thursday 18/7:

9:30 Hike to Croda Fiscalina and discussions.
14:00 Group discussions.
16:30 Paolo Giorda: "State independent Uncertainty Relations From Eigenvalue minimization"
17:00 Lorenzo Campos Venuti: "Ergodicity, eigenstate thermalization , and the foundation of classical and quantum stat-mech"
21:00 Lorenzo Maccone: Outreach talk. "The race to the moon: the greatest adventure of humankind"

Friday 19/7:

9:30 Leonardo Banchi: "Driven Quantum Dynamics: Will It Blend?"
10:00 Group discussions and conclusions.
11:00 End of the group sessions: summary of the discussions.
11:30 Hike to Rifugio Fondovalle and discussion.
12:30 Lunch and discussions: Feedback and conclusions.